Rambutan - we’re a refreshing bunch who love to create engaging work experiences where people, teams, and whole organisations can fulfil their potential and achieve tangible results.

We guarantee a sustainable improvement in business performance. We've behavioural experts who design and deliver effective organisational behaviour change and transformation programmes. We have swathes of successful experience delivering virtually via Teams
and Zoom as well as socially distanced, face-to face-learning.

We help define the behaviours required (skills, knowledge and mindset) and then support leaders, teams and individuals to demonstrate these behaviours habitually.

We focus on an objective, rigorous and qualified approach to predict behaviour and its effect on
outcomes. Both cultural and personal factors drive behaviour.

We feel passionately that our customers should only pay if they receive a direct and measurable benefit from our work, so we're happy to link what we do to your business outcomes. What this means is that you won't pay unless we achieve the outcomes agreed at the start of your work. You can't say fairer than that!

We also regularly sink our teeth into:
Culture and employee engagement - these are not ‘things’ in their own right but they’re essentially the summary of all employees’ answers to the questions, ‘So what’s it like to work here?’ and ‘How do you feel about being here?’

Leadership and team development - for us, leadership is not defined by a badge or job title; it’s a mindset and approach that can be learned and developed.

Intuitive customer service = great service is a tailored, responsive and natural experience for the customer with the whole organisation aligned with delivering just that.

Coaching - we fundamentally believe that whatever level, skill or background you’re at, you can develop to be the best you can be with one-to-one coaching.

Rambutan Evolve - our unique 360 leadership tool for individuals and teams that’s guaranteed to drive a significant improvement in personal and organisational performance.

Mental health and wellbeing training - many of your people might need personal support over the coming months. Our workshops around stress management, mental health and wellbeing can all be delivered online and tailored to your specific needs.

Team strategy support - as it’s so fast-paced at the moment, focusing on the ‘right now’ is vital. What’s also key is allocating time to plan and strategise. Whether that’s at Board level or HR teams developing a short-term people strategy, we’re here to help you design and run these strategy sessions online.

One look at our list of delighted clients and it’s easy to see the huge range of organisations and sectors that we continue to excel in.

We’re able to work across such a huge range because we treat each client and their individual challenges as completely unique. We also dare to ask the questions that nobody else will! This allows us to create individually tailored solutions that hit the spot every time. In fact, the only thing that’s consistent across all our projects and clients is the rigorous approach we use to scope out the projects and create the solutions, namely: our five-step approach

Define - gain agreement on exactly what needs to be achieved, what's in scope and what the outcome measures are

Discover - research to determine the 'as is' position, what's already working well. and which improvement areas/solutions will have the greatest impact on the measures

Design - create blended solutions and pilot/refine where possible

Deliver - implement the solutions in partnership and embed the activities

Difference - measure the difference that has been made to the outcomes. Refine and refocus as necessary to maximise the impact

We reckon the types of results that are possible are endless, so why don’t you get in touch, let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll see whether refreshing the way you think, lead or communicate will help.