Raisa Stone is an Expert Animal Communicator who specializes in contacting pets in the spirit world.

She has a strong background as a professional horse groom and Thoroughbred race horse re-trainer and veterinary assistant. She is known as the Ukrainian Mrs. Dolittle.

At birth, her spiritualist auntie in Ukraine gifted her with a sacred piece of embroidery that foretold Raisa's gift with animals. At four years of age, she instinctively knew how to train her pet red Bantam chickens to climb the steps to her slide, and whoosh down.

Raisa is the author of "Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food with Stories From the Village," a gonzo memoir and recipe book of outrageous stories Raisa spent 50 years collecting from refugees and immigrants. Raisa's deep knowledge of her topic started with pureed borsch as baby food and cutting dough circles for perogies as soon as she could reach.


Raisa Stone is pleased to offer Animal Communication sessions globally.