Remodel Auction™
Is on online marketplace allowing property owners and municpalities to post their remodeling projects up for competitive bid for FREE. Simply click on your category and fill in the blanks to submit the job into the system to get fast and reliable quotes for just about any home improvement project you may have.

Our technology empowers you to Save Time and Money without the hassle of finding a contractor or wondering about the price. All from the convenience of your computer!

When you submit your job the proper contractors are alerted electronically to come and bid on the project. You choose which contractor gets the job based on their feedback and price
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Contractors that use our system enjoy the freedom of having a reliable and steady flow of business at a fraction of what traditional advertising may cost. Affiliating with the Remodel Auction brand name and marketing campaigns are good for business. Fill out the online application along with your trade lines and get verified into our provider network today!
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