Do you sometimes think, if only I could escape the taxes, the stress, the congestion, the road rage, the snow storms?

Well we felt that way after living in the same Nassau County home for 34 years, and we finally did something about it.

We spent years looking for a place that had the best combination of climate, affordability, low taxes and friendly neighbors; and we finally found the best of all worlds in a place most Long Islanders never consider.

We left our modest home where we lived for 34 years, acknowledging that taxes would only continue to increase, traffic would only get worse, winters would only seem longer and the opportunity we owed ourselves would only slip away more and more with each passing year.

Our new home is three times as large, costs half as much and has taxes that are one fifth those of the smaller Long Island home.

During the last six years we have saved an average of $8,000 per year in property tax. That's $48,000 in the bank in addition to the $200,000 we made on trading up to a bigger home.

Sounds incredible! I know, but it’s true. Just look at the home we were able to buy with $200,000 left over.

We live in a beautiful community with a full time fire department and police department, and city parks, boating, fishing, golf and a wonderful climate for all outdoor activities.

We are minutes away from a major city and world renowned medical centers and entertainment, all with the affordability that comes with a cost of living that is a fraction of that on Long Island.

While we realized that a major relocation was not to be undertaken lightly, we were convinced that we would be most welcome in our new community, and we were proven right in that assumption.

Among the things one needs to consider in any move are the costs of living, the climate, access to quality health care, geographic location for travel convenience, availability of a major airport, community culture, local taxes, availability of shopping and entertainment, etc.

We examined a variety of possible locations before deciding on our present one as the best all-around choice. In 2006, Kiplinger’s Money Magazine rated our location number one as the smartest place to live in America.

In 2009 Family Circle Magazine rated our town as one of the top ten places in America to raise a family.

Where are we? Check out our website at www.Retire.LI  to learn more.