Ride for PTSD is author Greg Smith’s PTSD awareness  and fund raising project. Greg is using his books and speaking tour to raise money which he then donates to the PTSD Charity of the Month.

Greg leaves Santa Monica Pier in April, 2016 on a bicycle headed to the Redwoods National Park (about 1,000 miles). Along the way he’ll be leading meditation and Reiki sessions as well as giving presentations to local groups on PTSD and stress management.

Greg Smith had 40 years of undiscovered civilian PTSD misdiagnosed as Bipolar II and then spent 28 months overdosed on the wrong drugs and another 18 months in recovery so far.
He donates 75% of the net profits from his books (3 Easy Meditation Tools that can Change Your Life! and Get Paid to Raise Money for Charity) as well as his 4 meditation CD’s to the PTSD Charity of the Month.

Watch Greg’s Blog for updates on his progress.

Smith also founded the Ride for PTSD Affiliate Program

The Ride for PTSD Affiliate Program is free to join and there is nothing you ever have to buy! Smith uses a multilevel marketing software program to allow people to join for free and then Get Paid to Raise Money for Charity. That book is also the manual for the Affiliate Program.

The goal for this program is to raise money for charity while providing multiple streams of passive income for my affiliates, with the end goal of creating income streams for people (like me) who can’t hold a ‘regular job’.

In the Ride for PTSD Affiliate Program an affiliate makes a 10% override on all donations made for the digital downloads, plus 5% for a 2nd level affiliate, 4% for a 3rd level, 3% for a 4th level, 2% for a 5th level and 1% for the 6th level. About 50% of the amount donated goes to the PTSD Charity of the Month. Smith believes the viral nature of the program will generate far more cash flow than if I just collected money and sent it the charities.

"Rather than running a ‘fund raiser’ I’m creating ongoing streams of passive income that I then donate to the PTSD Charity of the Month while providing an income source for my affiliates" says Smith. "My dream with this project is to provide a job alternative for those who can’t maintain a ‘real job’ and help my tribe Get Paid to Raise Money for Charity."

About Greg

Greg is an author, Reiki Master and meditation teacher.

He was in the Army and Navy, been certified as an EMT, Rescue Diver, Advanced First Aid Instructor, CPR Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Interpretive Guide.

He’s also been professionally trained in Wilderness Survival, Mountain Search and Rescue, Wildland Fire Suppression, Outdoor Leadership, Video Production, Video Editing, Scriptwriting, Magazine Writing, Grant Writing and Herbology.

You can download Smith's 'Easy Meditation Collection' of over 5 hours of meditation MP3's and music at his website. Smith doesn't charge for the download but gives at least 50% of the donations collected from it to charity, so please be generous.