The 7 Principles of Faith-Based Parenting is a book about the tools my wife and I used to raise our three daughters.  We have been asked by many people what was our secret to raising three girls who all stayed out of trouble, earned athletic scholarships and are well adjusted awesome young women.

My book is different because our girls all stayed on the straight and narrow, they excelled in school and in athletics.  We were not rich and using the minimal resources we had we made it happen.  We trusted in our God and on each other.  This is significant because my wife and I both came from broken families, raised by single moms with a history of family dysfunction.

The book is targeted for all families but mainly Christian couples who are raising their families in a challenging world.  I am hoping to give readers some insight on what it takes to raise successful kids, and to share with them things we did and by offering some exercises they can implement into their lives.  I am motivated to write this book to share what I know that has worked.

La Shawn is the President of Right Choice Coaching, Inc.  He is a lawyer, author, business and personal improvement coach.  He loves helping people, individually or on behalf of their organization.  He identifies their dreams, develop SMART goals and develop a plan to get improved results.  His core values is a passion and love for helping people become the “best version of themselves”.

He has a great best friend in his wife, three amazingly smart and beautiful daughters, a grand daughter who is his heart and a wonderful son-in-law.  When La Shawn is not working he likes to read workout, cook and coach youth sports teams.

La Shawn earned his BA degree in Political Science from the University of the Pacific in Stockton and his law degree from John F. Kennedy School of Law.  His professional life began in 1987 when he took his first real job working with kids born addicted to drugs.  He spent the next 12 years working in several different nonprofit organizations that served multiple populations of intellectual challenged and developmentally delayed kids and adults.

In 1997 La Shawn and his family relocated to Northern California from Los Angeles and it was doing this process he realized that he has the spiritual gift of faith.  In 1999 he graduated from law school and started Christian Sports Management, a sport agency that represented athletes and entertainers.

In 2002 after being laid off from a job in San Francisco he took a position as an instructor at Western Career College.   He was promoted after a year to the dean of education and less than two years he was promoted to the campus president.  In 2008 he attended a conference called the dream manager which aligned his purpose in life which is to help people live the life they imagine.

After 20 years of working in the for-profit and nonprofit world he started his consulting company called Right Choice Coaching, Inc. where he helps individuals and organizations make their dreams come true.

As a business improvement specialist, La Shawn helps small companies and individuals get improved results for their organization and for themselves.  His clients have been individuals and organizations in healthcare, for profit education, retail and hospitality where he's helped them maximize their full potential.  In collaboration he has done things like double in size, increase profitability, and improve internal customer engagement scores and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.  He has also conducted training’s and workshops to increase sales, create strategic plans and develop individual dreams and goals to create a better work life balance.  He recently became affiliated with Resource Associates Corporation and certified in the Innermetrix (IMX) Assessment Tools.