"KJ" Rio Ventura, is a native New Yorker turned Seattle icon in the local karaoke community. A professional host now for over a decade (also known as a “KJ”, short for ‘karaoke jockey’), Ventura has been one of Seattle's most sought after talents. For two consecutive years, her founding company, SoundSation KaRIOke's show was declared Best Karaoke in downtown Seattle by Seattle Weekly.

In 2015, she co-founded the Seattle Karaoke League [SKL], the only thing of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. The Seattle Karaoke League features team competition-based play in a given season lasting potentially anywhere from 10 to 13 weeks. The Seattle Karaoke League completed its sixth epic season in 2019.

2018 saw the launch of Cohesive Karaoke | A Team-Bonding Experience. Using the competitive games model of the Seattle Karaoke League, it repackages the genre to service corporate team building efforts in a unique, impactful and memorable way.

Rio Ventura is also a noted vocalist and musical performer in her own right in the Seattle music scene. Her lyrics are insightful and stirring and her musical style is intended to leave the audience with a lasting impression.

As public karaoke has been put on indefinite hold in most localities within the United States in keeping with local health guidelines and recommendations, Rio is focusing on music in both virtual performance and original content capacities.