River Landing Books are about:

   * Living your passions.
   * Being alive and present in the moment.
   * Knowing who you are and what you want.

This is about getting what you want and living your dream.

     How to do it.
     We know how.

Join us to explore The Real You.

   * Discuss, laugh, cry, examine.
   * Entertain new ideas.
   * Roll them around in your mind.
   * Decide if they fit you.

     But Try. Try, and Try again.

     You know who you are inside.

     You just have to remember.

All of these topics are discussed within the ever-present context of
the search for meaning and purpose in life.  River Landing Press books offer practical information to help seekers design the life of their vision.

The featured author  is Alice Elliott Brown, author of the Giant Magnet series of books from River Landing Press.