Rules FestTM is the world's only technical conference devoted to the practical application of reasoning, inferencing, and rule-based and knowledge-based technologies. It is most notably different than other technology conferences in its commitment to facilitating the exchange of practical application knowledge. Our speakers bring you the best and brightest from industrial practice and academic research and in many topics across multiple domains.

Keynote speaker: John Laird, Ph.D., Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan

Additional speakers and bootcamp instructors:

Stan Belport, Founder, Belport Consulting

Christian De Sainte Marie, Ph.D., Program Manager, IBM

Jacob Feldman, Ph.D., Founder, OpenRules

Alex Guazzelli, Ph.D., Vice President - Analytics, Zementis Inc.

Larry Goldberg, Ph.D., Managing Partner, Knowledge Partners International

Rolando Hernandez, CEO & Enterprise Rules Architect, BIZRULES

Hal Hildebrand, Architect, Oracle Corp.

David Holz, Director, Grindwork Corporation

Brian Jones, President, Grindwork Corporation

K. R. "Mack" Mackenzie, CTO, Starview Technology, Inc.

Carole-Ann Matignon, President & CEO, Sparkling Logic, Inc.

Hafedh Mili, Ph.D., Professor, University of Quebec in Montreal

Jason Morris, Consultant, Morris Technical Solutions LLC

Chandra B. Mouleeswaran, Independent Consultant, Cupertino CA

Karen Myers, Ph.D., Director - IMPACT Program, SRI International

James Owen, Independent Consultant, Fort Worth TX

Mark Proctor, Drools Team Lead

Carlos Serrano-Morales, CTO, Sparkling Logic, Inc

James Taylor, CEO & Principal Consultant, Decision Management Solutions

Paul Vincent, CTO Business Rules and CEP, TIBCO Software

Barbara von Halle, Managing Partner, Knowledge Partners International

Luke Voss, Founder, Mindviews Labs LLC

Peter Voss, Founder and CEO, Adaptive A.I. Inc. and Smart Action Company, LLC

Andrew Waterman, Senior Researcher, El Colegio de La Frontera Sur, México


Comments on prior ORF (October Rules Fest) programs:

"As a developer, ORF 2008 and 2009 were a real treat. The presentations were excellent, but it was the informal chats that really set these conferences apart. If you want access to some of the brightest minds in this field, you'd be hard-pressed to find a friendlier setting for it." Gary Riley, CLIPS Inventor