Rules Fest brings you the best and brightest speakers from industry, academia, and private research to share practical knowledge and techniques for creating, utilizing, and managing software that incorporates rule engines, inference engines, logical reasoners, or other rule-based and reasoning technologies.

Rules Fest exists to serve the:

   * Architects
   * Engineers,
   * Developers, and
   * Programmers

who use these technologies to solve complex information processing and decision-making problems.

Who should attend:

*Developers are the soul of Rules Fest. They use technology to enable goods and services with reasoning and inferencing capability (e.g., you are a programmer, developer, engineer, designer, architect student, etc.). For those who live "where the rubber meets the road", Rules Fest is the event for honing your skills.

*Inventors create new tools, techniques, and inferencing technology (e.g., rule engine vendors, architects, designers, scientists, etc.). Inventing is a passionate endeavor, and at Rules Fest, you can exchange ideas and theoretical knowledge with your peers and share your passion for building cutting-edge technology.

Rules Fest helps inventors connect with other programmers, developers, and engineers who are working to solve challenging computing problems.

*Managers procure and/or oversee the adoption and integration of inferencing technology (e.g. you are a CTO, programs manager, team lead, technical liaison, etc.). This is a critical role, and solid understanding of the technology is key to exploiting it well. Learn to think and speak the vocabulary of your engineers, developers, and programmers and give yourself a tremendous advantage in communication.

Though Rules Fest is a technical conference, managers will benefit by gaining a deeper understanding of the capabilities, uses, and limitations of all inferencing technologies.

This understanding ultimately translates into more performant and robust products, a savings in development time, and greater customer satisfaction.

Charter and Motto
   *   Evangelize, promote, and explore the practical applications of all inferencing technologies;
   * Inform, educate, and enlighten all interested practitioners about current rule-engine based technologies;
   * Aid in the transfer of emerging and/or innovative inferencing technologies from academia to industry.

"By Developers For Developers"
Latin: Per Developers Pro Developers

Core Technologies

Rules Fest's organizers search the globe for the leading enabling technologies (e.g., rule engines, logical reasoners, constraint-satisfaction engines, etc.). Then we find the best speakers to explain those technologies to you. Topics include but are not limited to:

   * Pattern matching algorithms
   * Pattern matching optimizations
   * Rule engine improvements and evolutions
   * Temporal reasoning and complex-event processing
   * Modern expert system shells

Commitment to Best Practices

With so many options for incorporating reasoning and inferencing into modern software systems, it's hard to know what the best approach is and what standards are available. Rules Fest boasts many members who are tackling these important questions in domains like:

   * Rule-based design patterns and best practices
   * Rules and knowledge engineering
   * Ontologies and rule-based systems
   * Advanced declarative programming

Commitment to Practicality

Rules Fest operates on the principle that most engineers and developers learn best by example. That is why we strongly emphasize practicality in our main presentations through exposition of exemplary case studies. Domains include but are not limited to:

   * Rule-Based Expert Systems
   * Business Rule Applications
   * Data Mining and Business Rules
   * Decision Support Systems
   * Diagnostic Systems

... and many other applications which utilize a rule engine or inferencing engine-like component.

Thus, Rules Fest is "all stuff and no fluff". We cater to the hardcore developers, programmers, engineers, and other implementers who use rules, rule engines, and other inferencing technologies to solve challenging computing problems.

Our conference is at the nexus between academic research and commercial product development. We are advocates of technology transfer and knowledge-sharing, and we encourage an open, community approach to problem-solving with inferencing technology.