What We Offer — Bed & Breakfast in Rustenburg

South Africa recognises that it is impossible to provide commercial accommodation to everyone during the massive demand brought about by the World Cup.

Sports Accommodation International has linked up with the largest property management company (Von Wielligh Property Management Ltd) in Rustenburg who will be facilitating a process where local home-owners make their private homes available as temporary accommodation for the World Cup. By doing this, costs can be minimised and the hosts will effectively be running their homes as a temporary Bed & Breakfast.

Sports Accommodation International acts as an international agent by introducing guests to the Rustenburg home owners. Together with Von Wielligh Property Management we match guests with home-owners and manage/facilitate the end-to-end accommodation process. (We will not match any more than we can offer.)

Sports Accommodation International have imposed a quality system where Von Wielligh Property Management sign binding contracts with the home-owners. Von Wielligh Property Management will also audit the homes and owners first before homes are made available as accommodation. They will also conduct follow-up inspections prior to the move-in date to ensure that the high standard is maintained.

Von Wielligh Property Management Ltd in Rustenburg will not only source properties that are of a high standard but will only target properties that are secure or within secured village enclosures. In the event of any emergency, although not envisaged, Von Wielligh Property Management Ltd can be contacted to assist guests within Rustenburg.