SC-CARES (Coastal Animal Rescue & Educational Sanctuary) is a wildlife rescue center, an animal sanctuary, and an educational center.  The sanctuary is located on 24 picturesque acres just outside Georgetown, South Carolina.  It is the dream and vision of Cindy Hedrick and Skip Yeager, dating back to 1999, who moved to Georgetown in July 2006.  There are now many residents in the sanctuary including; parrots, reptiles, small mammals, wolves, horses, deer, pigs, a Great Horned Owl, and the list just keeps growing and diversifying.  The sanctuary hosts school field trips and performs educational outreach programs with the YMCA, local schools, nursing homes, and public gatherings.  Each day brings calls for placement of needing animals.  One thing about operating a animal sanctuary is that you have to be prepared for any possibility, the next call could be a sugar glider, or a llama, or an horse, or a wolf or tiger.  Many existing sanctuaries are at capacity and struggle for the funding just to maintain their current residents, let alone being able to respond to the growing demand for homes for animals in need.  SC-CARES is now on the front lines of  the struggle to care for animals that have been neglected, abused, or abandoned by apathetic people.