SCE UK, is a subsidiary of the International Consulting Group SCE, which brings together over 25 years of experience in river hydraulics, integrated water resources management and flood risk management in Western Europe and Asian countries.

SCE has worked on a wide range of projects and successfully delivered a significant number of assignments. Including major challenging projects such as “Contributions to the development of the Flood Risk Management Strategy” in Romania, in between 2007 and 2010, financed by the European Commission – PHARE for a budget of over 1.7 M€.

Using multi-disciplinary English-speaking teams comprising both British, European and International experts, SCE U.K is able to provide its clients with specialised services in environmental consultancy, flood risk management, hydraulic modeling, project engineering, GIS and mapping, etc. We also provide individual support on a daily/weekly/monthly basis in supplying contract staff to undertake this work to UK standards and attractive prices…

We have extensive expertise in flood risk assessment and management and SCE UK is able to provide you with high quality staff and service in a large range of technical services:

   Topographical and channel cross section data collection,
   Hydrological and river hydraulic studies,
   Flood hazard mapping,
   Development of infrastructure projects aimed at improving flood risk management.

We specialise in the use of hydraulic models to simulate flood events to allow a better understanding of flood risk, and to help manage that risk .

SCE UK can produce 1 D or 2 D flood models including hydrological estimation of flows, calibration, and animated simulation. Modeling activities for :

   Determining level of flood protection,
   Investigation potential scenarios such as a breach of defenses or the blockage of a culvert but also scenarios depending to climate change,
   Assessing flood alleviation options.
   Assessing the effect of proposed hydraulic infrastructures development.

We have the capability to work with a range of key 1D and 2D modeling packages as:

   HEC-HMS & HEC-RAS, for hydrological studies and river analysis system,
   Mike software series, Mike 11 (1D studies ) and Mike 21 for 2D studies,
   But also, TUFLOW, ISIS, XP SWMM and InfoWorks.

SCE UK offers a range of complementary GIS and monitoring / database services, ranging from small scale applications to larger mapping and analysis projects covering groundwater resource studies, water quality studies, flood risk assessment and mapping, surface water processes and hydro-ecological and habitat studies.

We are experienced in most of the leading GIS software suites, including ARCGIS, ESRI and MapInfo. We can provide independent advice on GIS system issues, analysis, and scripting and interface design for the diverse client needs of the water management sector.

We also make regular use of aerial and satellite imagery including Google Earth and Visual Earth. We are experienced in presenting flooding output using the latest user-friendly 2D & 3D visualization techniques to represent flood risk in a number of ways including depth, extent and velocity of flow.