Sep-Pro Systems, Inc. specializes in the custom design, engineering, and manufacture of small and mid-size, skid-mounted oil and gas process units utilizing various chemical engineering unit operations. Most of our equipment is of original design to accommodate unique requirements. The general scope involves the recovery of a chemical species or the recovery of energy. We incorporate all major components into compact designs minimizing field installation costs. Our products cover a full range from LPG Plants and Vapor Recovery Systems to Nitrogen Rejection Systems, Amine Plants for acid gas clean-up, and Desalination Units. We also specialize in 2 & 3 Phase Separators, Code Vessels (R and U Stamp Certified), and Heat Exchangers (Shell & Tube and Air Cooled) through TEMA "R". We build our own electrical, process controls, piping, shell and tube heat exchangers, distillation columns, compressors, and refrigeration sub-systems.