SSI Aeration, Inc is a globally diverse manufacturer of equipment for wastewater treatment. Our staff has assisted customers around the globe upgrade and construct new wastewater treatment plants for both municipal and industrial applications.

Founded in 1995 in Poughkeepsie New York, our company has grown both in footprint and product offerings. Our specialties include diffusers and MBBR media which are manufactured in-house at our network of production facilities. We have a full engineering staff who works individually with clients to design and develop a treatment solution best suited for the client’s application.
Our global sales staff and regional warehouses provide our customers with local options and sales contacts who speak your language and understand regional challenges.
With a heavy focus on R&D SSI Aeration is known for technologically advanced products with a focus on longevity and energy savings. Water is a precious resource, and we offer sustainably and responsibly manufactured products that offer exceptional performance at a competitive price.

We manufacture in-house fine bubble diffusers both disc and tube type and in a range of sizes including 9” and 12” diameter discs. Our diffusers and membranes can be retrofitted into competitors’ systems for upgrades. We also offer high-efficiency focused panels and carrier diffusers, as well as coarse bubble diffusers.

SSI’s in-house designed MBBR media is designed to operate with lower energy requirements than other options on the market and can be paired with fine bubble diffusers resulting in lower operating expenses.

Advanced membrane materials such as PTFE and PEEK offer operators a longer lifespan even in aggressive applications and have been proven to require less maintenance than standard membrane materials.

For more information or to discuss options for your next wastewater treatment project contact us at info@ssiaeration.com