NEW INTERCHANGEABLE SUNGLASS SYSTEM ALLOWS FOR INDIVIDUALS TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES  New York City, New York- August 18, 2014- Startup brand, SUM Company has developed a new design of sunglasses that can be interchanged to create thousands of different looks.  

Creative Director Eric Mann and CEO Darren Goldman both wanted to create a pair of sunglass that allowed people to express themselves without having to buy multiple pairs of glasses.

“For me, Sum Company stands for the idea that its ok to be yourself in public,” Mann said. “I always wanted a pair of glasses that could be altered with the way I feel on a particular day but was pretty shocked to see that I had no way of doing so, which ultimately led to the creation of the SUM Glasses.”

Goldman and Mann have perfected a interchangeable system that allows for the temples(Arms) of the glasses and a faceplate cover to be snapped onto the base which house the lenses. With the new design, individuals have more power than ever before to create their own look.  

“We worked to get the right design, right material, and right price point that would allow people the opportunity to express themselves without spending hundreds of dollars,” Goldman said. “Our SUM Glasses are made of the same material that the majority of sports and fashion brands use, the name of the brand is what makes them so expensive.”

Mann and Goldman don’t believe that the name of the company is a fair reason to overprice a pair of sunglasses.  

“I think it’s disgusting that brands are giving such a high value to the name of their companies,” Goldman said. “That why we’re called Sum Company, we’re not nearly as important as the person who is wearing the glasses.”

The two launched a Kickstarter campaign for twenty days in order to raise money and awareness for their first production run.  

“Kickstarter is a way for us to give a little extra back to the people that help support us from the beginning,” Mann proclaimed. “In this day and age there are so many different ways to go out and do something on your own, and we just want to prove that anything is possible as long as your passionate about what you want to do.”  

You can visit their Kickstarter campaign at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sumcompany/sum-glasses-fully-