Best Seller MY SILK ROAD Now Available In Paperback  

My Silk Road, The Adventures and Struggles of a British Asian Refugee by author and businessman Ram Gidoomal, CBE with a foreword by Dame Prue Leith, DBE  will now be in paperback from 19 November, 2023. Originally, published in hardback in August 2022 by Pippa Rann Books & Media. This is a powerful autobiography of legacy, struggles, belonging, and hope - of a rich boy turned refugee who had his dreams and plans ripped away from him, and how he goes on to create success beyond his imagination. Dame Pru Leith, DBE says in her Foreword, “The result is a book that is deeply stimulating and challenging, but also riveting, witty, and humorous – and therefore inspiring.”

My Silk Road aims to encourage everyone who is struggling to move forward in life.  Gidoomal shares stories that demonstrate the difference made by a can–do attitude, by a spirit of generosity, and by prioritizing relationships. Through all these, he shares the secrets of living a life that marries deep compassion with success, a generous life that reaps unexpected rewards.

This memoir is reflective of what’s happening today globally, with people being displaced by conflict, and needing to start their lives again in a different country. The author, Ram Gidoomal, was born into a family that fled British India during the partition of India and Pakistan, who became an Indian immigrant family of silk traders in Kenya, where he enjoyed an idyllic childhood in Mombasa. As he turned 17, his family faced a devastating second deportation to London. Starting from scratch, Gidoomal built a successful high-profile career in business, where he was on the road to prosperity and fortune when a life-changing journey led him to dedicate his business skills and profits to those who need them most.

My Silk Road is Gidoomal’s ninth book. He has received numerous recognitions for his books and other contributions, including Honorary Doctorates from three UK universities. In 2021 we was included in High Flyers Global 50, which recognises the 50 most eminent people of Indian origin living and working outside India. In 1998, his contributions to the community were recognized by the award of a CBE from Her Late Majesty The Queen.  

Ram Gidoomal, CBE says, “When I started to write My Silk Road in 2021, I had no idea that my life-story would resonate with so many to become a bestseller. I suppose that is not really such a surprise because my personal story is one that is relevant to today’s world. First, more and more people, even in the rich West, feel alone. Second, we are sadly seeing more and more refugees being displaced by conflict and war, having to rebuild their lives again from nothing. I am delighted that in its new paperback form, my memoir will now be able to inspire many more people.”

Below is just a sample of the praise that My Silk Road has received:

“wit, verve, and searing honesty” – Lord McColl of Dulwich
“Once you start reading, you cannot put it down” – Lord Vallance of Tummel
“Lifts the heart and spirit” –Baroness Cumberlege CBE DL
“Extraordinary” – Vice-Admiral Sir Adrian Johns KCB CBE DL, former Second Sea Lord and Governor of Gibraltar