ShirtsinBulk.com, a locally-based and sourced company located in the Greater Philadelphia region, is proud to announce that we have received the “Google Trusted Store” accreditation and seal of approval!  We at ShirtsInBulk have submitted ourselves to Google’s scrutiny in order to bring you near Real-Time statistics regarding customer satisfaction and success rates.  What does this mean?  According to econsultancy.com:
    “Google grants this badge to sites that prove that they’re fast and reliable shippers with a record of positive customer feedback.  Google will even reimburse a dissatisfied customer up to $1,000 if an ecommerce site violates this Google-bestowed trust.”

Corey Palmer, Senior Developer and part-owner, says, “This is an opportunity for transparency, as well as the chance to give our customers even further proof of ShirtsInBulk.com’s reliability, efficiency, and most importantly trust-worthiness.”

ShirtsInBulk.com is a leading supplier of blank t-shirts and apparel for printing and silk-screening purposes.  Ideal for DIY t-shirt artists, as well as advertising businesses, corporations, organizations, charities, sports teams, and much more!

If you would like more information, please contact Felix Havkin, Marketing Contact at 215-534-8059 or email at Fhavkin@ShirtsInBulk.com.

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