We help nearly 3,000 customers outperform their competition through RFID asset tracking.   Learn how our revolutionary asset tracking can change the game for your business.  

For less than $1 a tag, we offer our customers a way to track their assets, tools, inventory, and equipment with Radio-Frequency Identification tags (RFID tags).  Our motto is: We Track the World.  Our high quality RFID tags help our customers realize phenomenally increased value in their choice of asset tracking and inventory management solutions.  

Increased cost pressure with declining revenues plus escalating regulatory mandates hurts.

High value assets have to be tracked.  To varying degrees today, they ARE tracked. But increasing regulation, such as the DOD mandate, Sarbanes-Oxley, GASB34, IRS requirements, HIPAA, and the Food Safety Modernization Act, turns up the volume on asset tracking paperwork.  

Additionally, increased competition exerts pressure on companies to provide better customer service at lower cost.  Companies know they have to pay more attention to asset tracking and efficient supply chain management.  

Today, the customer slaps a barcode on everything, and pays for an identifying number for their products.  Then they send employees around looking for everything, piece by piece, so they can inventory it for their database.  Employees are people, so despite their best efforts, some things are never found. Inventory efforts are big deals. Pallets get packed onto the wrong trucks.

Customer orders get mis-shipped, equipment that is needed goes missing, errors are made, employees are hired to count and re-count.  Barcodes are used to identify items, but employees have to physically reach each item to make it happen.

We recognize that the barrier to entry for an RFID-enabled asset tracking system is the employee training, the process-improvement, the internal change, the additional pain of a major software purchase, and only secondarily, the cost of equipment.  So we eliminated that.  

We said, “Hey, it’s just the tags.”  We made a product that let’s everybody keep doing exactly what they’re doing now . . . But a hundred times faster  and ten times more accurately, because they switched their tags from barcode to RFID.  Now they’re “RFID-Ready”.  

They can “get started” right where their processes sit now.  Little by little, they can transform and transfer to RFID, without traumatic change.  Piece by piece, they can realize the cost benefit, while meeting the needs of regulatory compliance.  

We have over 3,000 asset tracking customers.  

Our products include RFID tags for DOD, including item level.  We offer a vast variety of tags, including metal tags.  We provide software solutions, a handheld reader, and full supply chain management solutions.  Our products cover surveillance systems, asset tracking, and inventory control.