Pounded by Too Many Rules and Regulations?

Whether you are beseiged by your accounting department, or bafled by government programs, meeting regulatory requirements can feel like a nail pounding into your head.  From ISO 9000 to GASB audits, the alphabet soup of regulations can force traceability beyond your ability to keep up.  Counting and tracking assets might involve climbing a ladder to reach the equipment on the top shelf.  It may mean crawling under desks to read a serial number.  Finding tools, assets, equipment and inventory can be an unending, yet inaccurate, fruitless task. 

Tagging your assets with RFID tags from SimplyRFID lets you take a quick and easy, virtual inventory in seconds! For less than $1 a tag, you can have the most current, relevant, and immediate location data about your items.  Fast, accurate, on-demand asset traceability with NOX Vault Handheld RFID.  And, if surveillance is important for your facility, you can add in cameras, too. 

Check in and check out your tools and inventory automatically!  Learn how other companies like yours manage traceability with the instant inventory capability of handheld RFID.

Peel, Stick, Track

For Assets