The SkyFunder site is here because we saw a way to help people all over the world raise funds for aerospace and aviation projects

Our company is not some faceless website. SkyFunder.com was founded by Mickey and Cara Russell and is based in a small mountain town in Colorado.  It is the first crowd funding website for aerospace and aviation projects.

Even the shyest among us has access to an amazing network of friends and family and friends of friends and family. If your aerospace or aviation related need or dream is compelling, SkyFunder.com and your story can be a powerful connection to the funds you need to solve a problem or realize a dream. This connection is called crowdfunding.

SkyFunder allows ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things with easy-to-use personal donation pages. What drives you? Is it designing an aircraft or future rocket engines or funding an educational opportunity or making a creative endeavor come to life to bless the rest of us? We are convinced that YOU are not the only one who wants to see your dream come true. So ASK for the funds, and let your amazing network make the decision whether or not to give.

Really, truly, all you have to lose is a little time. Your dreams and desires are worth it. We believe that. Please believe it, too.