Showcase is crowdfunding service for people and companies looking to fund their aerospace or aviation projects. Our focus is on aerospace and aviation: science, techonology, research, training and manufacturing.

Because we also believe that every student deserves an education, this site provides an opportunity for individuals to crowdfund their aerospace or aviation focused college and training goals. Please consider helping them help them to cover their tuition, and pay for books, materials and living expenses.

Research, education and manufacturing are the foundation of great nations. By helping these companies, individuals and students, you are not only giving all of them a better opportunity for life, you are investing in making the world more stable. is located in Buena Vista, Colorado. This is due to the fact that the Colorado Aerospace industry employs more private sector aerospace workers per capita than any other state and is home to the third largest space economy in the country, Colorado offers aerospace companies the country’s second-most highly educated workforces and a dynamic atmosphere for business growth. 

So weather you are helping fund aviation and aerospace projects or seeking funding for your project. SkyFunder was developed to be the starting point to a new generation of exciting new aviation and aerospace inventions.