Free orientation webinar for social media manager and consultants

Social Media Academy 2011

Social Media Academy is producing some of the best social media managers and consultants world wide. It's known for the most thought out and best practice based strategies and tactics, methods, models and frameworks and one of the best career maker in the industry.

Within just two years, SMACAD became the most respected social media knowledge transfer center world wide. Over 3,000 attendees from 28 countries participated in a variety of programs. Many of the SMACAD graduates found sought after social media positions right after their graduation or successfully launched their own consulting business.

This 45 minute orientation program (webinar) will give you a deep insight into our philosophy, methodologies, programs and success stories. It will help you find out whether Social Media Academy can be an important milestone in your career and your business strategy.


- Social media goes mainstream – businesses gain competitive advantage
- Global leaders like Cisco, Pepsi Co., Heineken,… invest millions in social media
- Methodical approach to strategic social media implementations
- Learning all about methods, models and frameworks
- An online education experience prepared for an online world
- Social media academy certification – what and why
- What former students say about the education

If you want to make a difference in your business or in your career, take the time and see what professional social media engagement means today.

Please select a webinar that fits your schedule:

Americas and EMEA TimeZone Australia – APAC TimeZone  
February 1st 2011
February 1st 2011  
West coast 08:00 am PST Melbourne, Sydney 11.00 AM AEDT  
East Coast 11:00 am EST Singapore 08:00 AM SGT  
Europe 16:00 GMT Auckland, NZ  1:00 PM NZDT  
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