Solecki Chiropractic and Acupuncture is a comprehensive facility ready to serve the health care needs of you and your family.  Drs. Dave and Nicole Solecki have been in this location since 2001and have been focusing on the needs of their patients and their families ever since.
Drs. Dave and Nicole Solecki are experienced Doctors of Chiropractic and continue to keep up to date on the changes and advancements in the chiropractic field.  Dr. Nicole Solecki has been a consultant for the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners here in Greeley and both doctors continue their education through post-graduate and continuing education seminars.  Dr. Dave is a Fellow with the International Academy of Medical Acupuncturists and is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner.
It is the policy of Solecki Chiropractic to help our patients realize their total health potential by maintaining wellness.  We strive to provide an atmosphere that will recognize and nurture each patient's individuality and healthcare needs.  Solecki Chiropractic offers the following services to better serve our patients;
*Full Spine and Extremity Adjusting
*Home Exercise Programs
*Spine and Joint Rehabilitation
*Massage Therapy
*Nutritional Counseling
*Sports Injury Rehabilitation
*Spinal Disc Decompression
*Pediatric Care
*Care for the Elderly


Doctors of Chiropractic are highly specialized in the care and maintenance of your spinal needs.  Doctor's of Chiropracic adjust the spine with easy, manual thrusts to move the spinal vertebrae back to their normal positions.

When your spinal vertebrae are out of alignment there is an irritation to the nerves.  These nerves exiting from the spinal vertebrae not only affect your back and neck but they are connected inversely to the health and effectiveness of your organs.  Chiropractic adjustments help to keep the vertebrae from interfering with the nerves.

Spinal adjustments can alleviate a wide spectrum of ailments such as headaches, certail types of migraines, menstral cramps, allergies, asthma, stomach disorders, spastic colon, and arm, hand and leg pain that is due to dysfunction of the neck and lower back.

Drs. Dave and Nicole Solecki not only concentrate on the spine, making sure that the vertebrae are aligned properly, but they also specialize in the treatments of spinal rehabilitation, nutritional supplements, disc decompression and acupuncture.


Quality and afforadble care.

We have carefully developed a staff that genuinely cares and listens to the patient.  You will receive a complete and thorough consultation, health history, orthopedic and neurological exam, and x-rays if necessary.  Then the doctors will give you an easy to understand report of findings and a recommendation of care that will quicly and affordably allow you to resume your normal activities.

Promptness and Service.

When you call our office, we will get you in that same day if possible.  No more waiting in a reception room for hours.  We recognize that your time is valuable, so we stay on time with your appointments.  For your convenience, our new patient paperwork is available on our website for you to fill out prior to your first visit.

Insurance Coverage.

Yes!  Most insurance companies cover chiropractic care.  If you are unsure of your insurance coverage, our office will be glad to contact your insurance company to check your coverage after you provide us with the necessary information.  We also assept Madicare, Worker's Compensation and Personal Injury.