There is nothing more in the world we love more than music. Whether it’s a smooth jazz solo or the sound of tambourine cutting through the night air, our team of music lovers just can’t enough! Some of us are artists ourselves and we know how difficult it can be to share that brand new song you been working on! We strive to change that by offering an affordable and easy way for all of us to spread the love of music. You can upload your music and share it for free or sell it for an affordable .99 cents to your fans! We even help you get through the tricky process of getting the mechanical licensing done before you can share your version of a copyrighted work.

There are millions of talented performers in the world. Some play covers. Some play all originals. Some play both. When iTunes first hit the scene, it offered original artists, mainly the very well known, a great new way to get their music out to the masses on a solid, marketed platform with a huge name behind it. The problem was and remains, how does an unknown, independent artist get clearance to also sell their recorded cover tunes of the artists they love and admire? Well, Copyright Law is very strict! Compulsory Licensing, required for any artist selling any cover, can be obtained, but it’s not always an easy process. Furthermore, royalties must be paid to the Copyright holder(s) which means even more leg work… and paperwork.
That’s where we come in to help!


The essence of Song Piper is to streamline this process and make it very easy and inexpensive to begin selling your cover tunes. The process is very simple: You register on the  website, fill out a few items to complete your profile, upload your songs and choose how many copies of your cover song you would like to license for sale. The cost for the licensing is incredibly cheap through Song Piper (and required by Copyright Law) and Song Piper has taken care of all the steps that would be required if you wanted to license the song(s) on your own. Once you’ve quickly completed the registration process, your song(s) will be uploaded and posted for sale on the  Music Store! Then it’s only a matter of getting the word out to your fans that they can now purchase your covers on the  Music Store… easily and 100% LEGALLY!


If you are the original copyright holder, meaning it’s your own music and you hold all the rights, then you won’t have to worry about obtaining the compulsory licensing. You just need to join, post your music, spread the word and collect on sales!
All songs uploaded and cleared the the appropriate legal channels and are set for sale on the Song Piper Music Store, available for purchase by anyone .Artists no longer have to worry about the legal requirements to obtain licensing. Song Piper has taken care of it for you.

We want to be the starting point for new artists taking their first steps into music sharing.  We hope to provide the tools, knowledge-base, and marketing reach to thrust our new Internet stars higher than they ever thought possible.