Soundwrx music is a 'One Stop Shop' for music composed specifically for use in the 'synch' industry. Our exciting new media is suitable for placement in soundtracks, video games, trailer houses and advertising music. As an independent label we are able to provide original content for many creative environments. Our artists and content providers are able to compose and produce music within a pre-agreed format to the highest of production standards. Our artist portfolio features: EATcha Tribe, The Sonic Tapestry and Gregory J Bennett  aka ‘Groove Generator’ with commercial credits for mobile music licensing and distribution, TV advertising and U.S. cable TV soundtracks for VH-1, MTV, E! and HBO and film soundtrack ‘Cain & Abel’ (released by MercuryRising Films 2005 & to DVD 2007).  In our partnership with BFM Digital, Soundwrx Music is available for download through a global distribution chain that includes iTunes, Amazonmp3, Hmv.com, and eMusic, among others.  

If you are searching for original compositions for your media projects then Soundwrx will completely suit your requisite needs as an independent production company with connections to musicians from around the world.

We are open to any feedback, ideas and suggestions and extend a welcome to those who share our enthusiasm and vision.  Show your passion!