Spirit Voyage Records is a music and video production company whose mission is to share the sacred experience of Kundalini Yoga and its music.
Built on the foundational belief that yoga and music continuously transform us to reach our highest selves, Spirit Voyage Records works with musicians and teachers who share our goals.
Spirit Voyage Records is run by CEO and Owner Karan Khalsa.  She is an entrepreneur,  philanthropist and visionary who has grown Spirit Voyage from a small business in a garage to an international yoga and music brand sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga with people in every corner of the globe.  She is inspired to continue by the life-changing experiences that people have at Sat Nam Fest and the deeply profound transformations that begin with the first note of each song of the amazing musicians who her businesses serve.

Spirit Voyage Records was started in 1999 by musician,entrepreneur and business wizard GuruGanesha Singh.  World devotional music pioneer, Spirit Voyage Records founder, distinctive guitar stylist, songwriter, singer, producer, entrepreneur, accomplished yogi and lifelong spiritual practitioner, GuruGanesha is a man of many talents.  

GuruGanesha is one of those rare individuals who combine the heart and soul of an artist with the clear, quick mind of a businessman and the easygoing warmth of a born raconteur. His immense contribution to the yoga and conscious music movement is one of the genreā€™s most radiant jewels.