Innovative Dispensing Solutions, LLC is a genuine small business success story.  Owner, Roger Kinnetz, a former industrial equipment marketing rep, began developing the Sudspenser unit some 14 years ago.  After many years of trials and failures, his designs have paid off with the unique unit that is now being marketed.
The Sudspenser is a self-powered laundry accessory that is filled from the liquid detergent bottle which is then thrown away.  The unit is then used to measure the exact portion of needed detergent for a standard load.  A wand and dispensing trigger is used to place the liquid.  This eliminates the need to lift heavy, messy bottles and use small, hard-to-see detergent caps.  Preventing overfilling of the washer saves money and needless impact on the environment.
IDS is developing several variations on the unit that will enable users to dispense a veriaty of other liquids.