Sudspenser liquid laundry dispenserThe new sudspenser laundry system has arrived and washing clothes will never be the same.  Millions of people across america unknowingly waste money, pollute the environment, and even hurt their health as they are forced to struggle with nearly invisible markings on detergent caps. 

The sudspenser system simply and reliably measures and dispenses the precise amount of liquid detergent for you – no more being at the mercy of soap manufacturers.

The sudspenser unit attractively mounts in any convenient spot and works with any type washer.  For top loaders, just lift the wand from its holder, press the trigger and the system dispenses the precise amount of liquid recommended by washer manufacturers.  It has been reported that using too much detergent actually can harm your washer, makes cloths stiff, and even allows mold and bacteria to grow in your clothes.  In addition, research shows that measuring by eye can cost the average household twice as much money per load – a wasted $100 a year.  Plus, by avoiding overfilling and using too much detergent, the Sudspenser help protect the environment.

For horizontal washers, just use the sudspenser system to safely add the exact detergent volume into the dispensing drawer.  Just lift the wand from its holder and fill by pressing the trigger.  The attractive reservoir stays hidden from sight - no mess, no bottles, no longer a washday problem.  The unit works with any type washer.

The sudspenser laundry system makes it impossible to over-fill your washer.  Made-in- america technical engineering gives you a reliable, quality solution saving you money and serving you for many years.  The sexy and simple battery-operated system stands ready to dispense the new 2x concentrate formula time after time.

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