Take a fresh approach to copywriting and PR. I'm Vicky. I own Sunflower Communications, and I write words for money. I also write words for fun (sometimes using a real pen and ink) but they live elsewhere on the internet.

Writing isn't just a job to me, and freelancing is a treat. The opportunity to write on a broad range of topics for a wide range of audiences means I get to become a temporary expert on all sorts of things. Which, to someone who is interested in everything, is A Marvellous Thing.

My specialism is simplifying complex topics for a non-specialist audience. I love writing about science and technology, but I’ll turn my hand to just about anything. Good writers are excellent researchers and rather than being a ‘Jack of all trades’, I like to think of myself as being a Swiss Army knife of writing ability: give me a topic, a target audience and a couple of pointers, and I will craft exactly the words you need.