Global Surface Intelligence (GSi) is a company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. It is aa data-mining company focusing primarily on turning raw earth observation data into commercially useful information about the environment. GSi has developed a very powerful software platform called the "GSi-Platform" which provides high performance, big data, predictive analytics of satellite, remote sensing and other data.

Its predictive analytics are based on highly accurate machine-learning software, which was specially engineered handle big data sets and to run on high-performance supercomputers.

Currently, GSi captures earth observation data from satellite covering the earth's surface every eight days and has historical data all the way back from 2001. GSi processes, filters and analyses hundreds of thousands of satellite images to allow for an on-going global big data time-series analysis.

This allows GSi to develop commercially-focused environmental databases over time. GSi uses machine learning and predictive analytics to help make better predictions based on existing empirical data. It provides clients with highly accurate results for year on year analyses that are used to solve real business problems in new ways.

It currently has products that monitor global deforestation, forest degradation, timber volumes, forest carbon stocks and soil carbon stocks.  All these have full global coverage. The company has international patents protecting is unique technology.