Swappel.com is an improved online local marketplace where people can buy, trade, and, sell their items or services. The company was founded in late 2011 after founder Dillon Scott began buying, selling, and, trading on Craigslist to pay the rent. Not only was it fun, but he was also able to get the things he needed when he was low on cash. However, the process was complicated and time-consuming having to e-mail so many people in hopes of finding someone that wanted to trade. After seeing those around him struggling in a poor economy, he set out to simplify the process and build something that could help others going through a difficult time.

He then used community message boards to seek out other like-minded tech entrepreneurs to become a part of helping him develop this new platform. Here he was quickly able to set up a team that also became passionate about being a part of creating something that could change the world and Swappel was officially born.

To sign up and share visit www.swappel.com!