Symate GmbH is a specialist for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data as well as the manufacturer of the AI system Detact® 'AI Infrastructure & Apps'. Detact collects, analyses and processes manufacturing and quality data for the systematic monitoring and optimisation of processes. The innovative system works with almost all data sources and interfaces and uses the methods of artificial intelligence. It thus offers flexible functionalities for automated process monitoring and sustainable process transparency. Detact thus also takes over various tasks of a classic MES (Manufacturing Execution System), but goes far beyond this. If required, the software system from Symate can even be connected to an existing MES, BDE or CAQ in order to significantly expand its functionalities.
Detact not only provides users with a more detailed understanding of the process, but also digital assistants for a wide range of scenarios relating to their manufacturing process. The basis for this is formed by more than 15 browser-based apps that can be individually adapted for small, medium and large applications. Detact is used very successfully by numerous companies in the automotive, plastics, mechanical engineering, aerospace, lightweight construction, medical technology and additive manufacturing sectors, etc. You can find more information about Detact and Symate GmbH on the Internet at detact.com