Synchronicity Foundation is a non-profit organization offering Modern Spirituality retreats, online courses and products featuring High-Tech Meditation.

The vision of Synchronicity Foundation is to bring balance, wholeness and fulfillment to the lives of all people through the study and practice of Modern Spirituality as taught by our Founder and Spiritual Director, Master Charles Cannon.

The modern world is full of fear, conflict, anxiety and stress. People are seeking spiritual answers to bring wholeness and meaning to their lives. We teach modern spirituality, holistic lifestyle and high-tech meditation to all people from all backgrounds, who choose to live in a world of love, peace and cooperation and for those who choose to realize their highest potential. Synchronicity helps people fulfill their spiritual potential and a shared vision of bringing wholeness to the life experience through education, holistic lifestyle practices and retreat experiences.

Synchronicity Sanctuary is the headquarters for Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia. The 450-acre sylvan retreat includes residential facilities for the Synchronicity Monastic Community at the Stillpointe Monastery and guest facilities for Synchronicity Retreat participants.