The T Gurlz Foundation (TGF) empowers girls and young women to live
their dreams, discover new possibilities within themselves and take on life's
challenges with fierce determination and drive. TGF is about building self-
esteem and confidence, launching leaders, showing the world that girls can
do and be anything they set their minds to.

TGF is all about girls becoming fierce and focused in their lives.

TGF supports young girls in the community through creative programs,
whether it's the arts or activism, media or mentoring, dancing or directing –
however they choose to create their best futures the T Gurlz Foundation
will be there for them.

The goal of the T Gurlz Foundation (TGF) is to utilize
innovative programs to empower young women to
overcome subtle, societal messages that inhibit their
potential and demean their value by equipping them with
the life skills necessary to lead successful, independent, and
self-fulfilling lives.

We focus on girls ages 12 - 18