The Living Planet Aquarium is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides the community with countless educational opportunities to understand and respect our precious Earth and its living ecosystems, from the Utah deserts and mountains, to rain forest habitats, to the planet’s vast oceans.  The Living Planet Aquarium has become one of Utah´s most unique and popular attractions, and is definitely a must-see if you are planning a trip to Utah. Exhibits feature sharks, rays, seahorses and jellyfish as well as octopus, eels, piranha, a rescued Green sea turtle and Gentoo penguins! It is a unique opportunity for the many landlocked Utahans, particularly children, who have not previously had the chance to interact with such creatures.

General Information    
Open every day of the year with the exception of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Aquarium members receive unlimited admission, $5 off Penguin Encounters and 10% off gift shop items, stingray feedings and birthday parties.

The Living Planet Aquarium inspires people to explore, discover and learn about Earth's diverse ecosystems.

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