TNG Visual Effects is a group of uniquely talented 3D scanning professionals built on a foundation of 25 years in the industry. Our 3D scanning experts and content creators have a deep reverence for the impact of quality entertainment productions.

Founder, Nick Tesi, started working in 1986 with one of the first 3D animation systems and has stayed up to date with the latest in technology. His experience includes working on more than 50 feature films, numerous commercials, and well-known action television shows (both mini-series and episodics).

He has worked with clients such as Fox, Summit Entertainment, Evergreen Productions, HBO, Stargate Studios, Acne Media, and Blur Studios and has extensive experience in the gaming industry, leveraging that experience with such companies as THQ, Midway, Sony, 2K Sports, Bioware and EA.

Nick Tesi built TNG Visual Effects on the core belief that a client should receive more than expected, with uncompromised integrity. He is well-regarded among his peers as a true expert in the visual effects industry. The entire team at TNG offers the right mix of technological know-how, mobility, customer service, efficiency and affordability.

3D scanning is the non-invasive process of replicating any existing object, person, animal, vehicle, environment, structure, etc… and creating it’s virtual representation. The end product is a photorealistic 3D CG model. While these models are most commonly used to support VFX work in film, television and video game production, the possibilities are endless.