Toyi Ward Communications, LLC is a multi-media consultancy specializing in content production and marketing communications for independent artists, sole proprietors, and small to mid-sized business clients. Our specialty is developing quality content relevant to your target audience segment to help make your message more effective to drive results. We have indepth market knowledge across many segments including: retail, lifestyle, urban media, popular media and publishing.

Our content production services include: Resumes & CVs, Presentations, Press Releases, Business Communication,Technical Articles, Biographical Sketches, Website Copy & Web Articles, Marketing & Advertising Copy, Product Descriptions & Reviews, Blog Posts, Newsletters, Scripting & Dialogue, Speeches, and more...

Our promotional services include:  traditional print media, online media promotion, online identity management, media and promotional planning

We have strategic partnerships across the entertainment industry representing independent film companies, publishing companies, artists, musicians, models, and small business owners in a number of industries.