Holistic health and wellness researcher/advocate/writer, Amazon #1 bestselling author, and software technical trainer/tester/analyst/writer, Sheila Murrey, walks her talk. She daily practices all things natural and alternative health and wellness since healing her body of asthma over ten years ago. There is nothing 'fake' about her. She lives simply without make-up, without nail polish, does not color her hair, eats a clean plant-based diet, and so on. Sheila is even a full-time RVer - in order to live a small carbon-footprint.

Sheila graduated with honors to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication and an Associates in Science in Business Administration degree. With a combined experience of over 25 years in administrative database and enterprise software systems, she has empathy for those who suffer from daily stress and offers suggestions with love and compassion from her holistic health experiences. She uses an array of techniques, such as: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Jin Shin Jyutsu, prayer, Energy Medicine, and journaling, and because she uses these modalities herself, she is able to speak well of the practices and effects and show others how to reduce stress and anxiety as it occurs 'in the moment'.

Sheila has always been very passionate about health, integrative nutrition, holistic healing and educating others how live a healthier life. Sheila believes in personal responsibility, both at work, and in taking care of one's body. Thus, she launched 'Take It Upon Yourself' PR and blog. She is writing her third book and inviting others to share their natural and alternative health and healing story.

Sheila is now dedicating herself to bringing healing into others lives. She is seeking a full-time office manager role with an alternative medicine, holistic health spa or clinic, or group of practitioners in either Florida or Texas.

Take it upon yourself to BE the whole person you want to be, healthy, active, vibrant, energetic, joyful and HAPPY! Help yourself, embrace your personal power. Only when you are happy and healthy most of the time, can you give more to others. Accept responsibility for your health and well being and LIVE WELL!

Become your own wellness advocate! YOU know you're body better than any doctor - because you've been living in it all your life!

Everything happens for a reason. She maintains a high priority of helping others learn about wellness because, "We Are All Connected". Sheila has a Native American heritage that says, "we are all related". The "We Are All Connected" phrase, inspired the song "The Connection", performed by The Chevy Ford Band and has been released on iTunes and CDBaby.com as an original song. Movies such as: I AM, Avatar, and Cloud Atlas, and Iron Man 3, also have lines speaking of these "connections".

When you accept responsibility for your own health and well-being, it affects us all.

Check out Sheila's author page on Amazon where you can pick up a copy of either of her books. "The Energy of Receiving" (2015, Happiness Publishing) is a #1 Amazon bestseller in the Self-Help category. And Sheila's first book, "Transform Your Life Book 2, Inspirational Stories and Expert Insights" (2014, Transformations Publishing) continues to offer help and encouragement to many people.