We provide an inclusive, locally accessible service and ongoing support to enable people to tap into the benefits of the internet and technology.

Our services are aimed in particular at older people (-mostly in the 70+ age group) and those with disabilities and health problems in Edinburgh.

●     reduce social isolation and encourage interaction and communication
●     help users to exercise choice,  maintain independence and quality of life
●     support the building of local communities
●     work in partnership as opportunity arises with other people, community networks and organisations with an interest in the welfare of these potentially vulnerable groups for mutual benefit.
●     provide voluntary and paid work experience and opportunities in this new and emerging service.

We help teach the use of iPads : Tablets : P.C.s : Phones.
There are Beginner Courses & Computer Clubs.
Private lessons can be given at home, or remote support provided.
Home Shopper Service providing help to place an online order even if the person does not own a computer.