Accelerated Tax Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce the release of a one of a kind monthly subscription service to monitor IRS accounts for individuals and businesses to ensure that they are aware of any changes or issues as soon as possible. This service was specifically developed by two attorneys who have over 12 years of combined experience in the tax resolution field. This will help streamline the way people stay informed about their IRS accounts.

The subscription service includes a monthly review and analysis of the IRS account and all pertinent transcripts. It also includes a report emailed to the client every month along with important pointers and tips. Clients also may request at least one session with a tax specialist each month.

Accelerated Tax Solutions is currently running a promotional offer until August 15, 2020. Interested parties are encouraged to call Accelerated Tax Solutions at 888-599-3344 or 904-652-0000 and request to speak with Eddie Warren, Esq. or someone on his team.