TekMark Growth Partners Ltd. helps technology and engineered product based companies grow.  We are a technology, marketing and strategic consulting and support firm that assists the leveraging of innovative technologies, products and programs.  Our efforts generate new revenue streams that are both profitable and sustainable.  

Areas of focus include -

*  Identifying new markets, applications and potential customers for new sales revenue generation  

*  New technology/product development and commercialization  

*  Channel partner development; finding/screening potential reps; incentive programs  and benchmarking

*  Technical market research

*  General technical sales & marketing services

*  Business planning and strategy development

We have experience in a variety of technical disciplines and markets including:

*  Optical & photonic components, instruments and systems

*  Electronic devices - semiconductors, opto-electronics, compound semiconductors, HDDs, MEMs, etc.  

*  Electronic sensors, process control instrumentation and other automated systems & components

*  Test & measurement instrumentation, semiconductor and other process capital equipment

*  Aerospace equipment - for NASA, military and general aviation programs

*  Medical devices, pharmaceutical, biophotonics, life sciences

*  Mechanical & industrial equipment - micromachining, pumps, compressors, turbines, valves, sealing devices, etc.  

*  Scientific instruments and hardware - cryogenic, thinfilm, vacuum, etc.  

If you or one of your colleagues needs to increase sales with a new or existing product, have a new technology but need assistance in developing it into a well-defined product, need to conduct technical research or create a specific market development strategy, we may be able to help you.  

Our initial review meeting at your facility is available with no consultation charge.  Our work is detailed by formal proposals with well-defined deliverables and timelines that ensure your overall satisfaction.  Please review our website at www.tekmarkgp.com to learn how our experience and capabilities can assist you in further differentiating you from competing firms and increasing your prospects for new and profitable growth.