Telematics-Online Research & Investigation is a private investigation agency and information brokerage which specializes in all aspects of private and commercial operations. Utilizing a vast network of employees, agents and subcontractors, we are able to provide most types of general investigative services, as well as many "specialized types" of service, throughout Canada, the United States and internationally.

Telematics-Online was incorporated in the Province of Saskatchewan on August 26, 2003, and possesses a valid "Certificate of Incorporation" issued by Saskatchewan Justice, Corporations Branch. We are also licensed by Saskatchewan Justice, Law Enforcement Services.

Telematics-Online maintains investigators throughout Canada, and has a large network of affiliated offices throughout the United States and abroad. With such a large network, it is possible for us to assist clients with nearly any type of assignment, nearly anywhere on the globe, in a timely and professional manner.

Employees, agents and subcontractors of Telematics-Online have been recruited from a myriad of backgrounds, including former law enforcement officers, military personnel, forensic auditors, financial and insurance professionals, and various other fields of expertise. Access to a staff with such well-rounded and wide-ranging types of experience, allows Telematics-Online to provide the level of service, experience and expertise required by even our most demanding clients.

Although there are no specific mandated requirements regarding the level of experience that a licensed private investigator must possess, it is the policy of Telematics-Online to retain only those persons who have successfully demonstrated a level of investigative experience and expertise necessary to undertake an investigation, and perform that investigation with the necessary degree of thoroughness and professionalism to achieve the greatest opportunity for success.

Telematics-Online currently serves clients in 5 countries, and counts among its clients: individuals, small businesses, major corporations, attorneys, insurance companies, government agencies, and other private investigators worldwide. In addition to providing professional investigative services locally, Telematics-Online Research & Investigation also provides services throughout Canada and internationally utilizing our network of affiliated offices.

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