Investigative Services

Telematics-Online provides a wide variety of research and investigative services to a broad cross-section of businesses and individuals across Canada and worldwide.

We are committed to providing our services with integrity, accuracy, and professionalism. Our investigators offer a high level of practical experience in both the public and private sectors. We have built our reputation by meticulously adhering to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards in the industry.

Telematics-Online offers a multi-disciplined team of investigators experienced in accounting, criminology, insurance and law enforcement investigations. We have extensive knowledge of the Criminal Code, federal and provincial statutes, and relevant areas of criminal and civil law to assist you in any of the following areas:


Surveillance & Activity Checks


One of Telematics-Online core business activities is covert surveillance. We pride ourselves in providing a reliable and discreet presence even in unanticipated and difficult situations.

The scope of surveillance tasks we have undertaken is vast and we have been commissioned by a number of high profile companies that have commented on our ability to deliver an extremely high quality service that far exceeds the capabilities of our competitors.

Telematics-Online believes that by deploying a professionally trained and correctly resourced team, the chances of maintaining control of a "target" and acquiring the appropriate intelligence is increased, while the risk of compromise is minimized. Individuals who do not have the correct professional experience continually conduct the surveillance aspect badly, which could lead to disastrous results.

All of our surveillance operators and vehicles are fitted with the latest digital technology recorders and cameras. We have the ability to photograph and record activity and send "real time" digital images directly to our clients via electronic mail. In addition a comprehensive written report of all activity is then submitted to the client in both written and electronic format.

Discretion and confidentiality between our clients and Telematics-Online is considered to be of paramount importance. All of our personnel are used to dealing with sensitive issues and can be relied upon to be discreet both when on and off duty.

Although we strive to achieve the client's immediate aim during our operations, we will always consider preservation of the client's long term objectives to be the deciding factor when carrying out surveillance related tasks - preferring to abort an operation rather than press on and risk compromise.

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