Teresa Moerer is a physical therapist who has a 35-year career working with patients during their neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation. She leads group therapy treatment sessions where she adds a new dynamic to patient care. The group interactions lead to superior outcomes in the advancements of physical, mental, and spiritual health.
These results prompted Teresa to write a four-step method to sequence group therapy.  She then wrote the book, The Art of Assisting Aging Parents, for caregivers to help their parents as well as themselves with a proactive aging process based on this method.
The four-step method, called Experi-Age, applies to every age and stage of life. The steps are simple, done with minimal time and effort, and the cost is budget-friendly.
Teresa teaches healthy living strategies, educational theories, and benefits of group interactions in her book.
Teresa coaches people on this method for personal development, speaks on caregiving using this method, and works with creative individuals and organizations to give them the edge on making the most of their gifts and genius.