Teton Sands is seasoned C-level managers with partner-level “big-six” experience.

We bring ideas and best practices from numerous industries to your business.

We apply white hair and scarred knuckles to sales strategy, tech transfer, business development, capital formation, logistics, intellectual property, and seed stage advocacy. You experience the creativity and communication skills of “practiced operators” ~ never of freshly minted MBA’s.

Quick turnaround, challenging assignments are our specialty. We subordinate our ego to help build client capabilities and skills. You fully participate in the process. We care for our clients as people and organizations, even when we are not serving them.

Teton principals maintain extensive networks in Europe, China, and Russia. Their deep knowledge of local languages, cultures, educational policies, and business practices enable our clients to work directly with decision makers rather than intermediaries.  Clients also have full access to Teton’s Thought Leadership Library and two country desks: Russia and China.

Four practices have been refined during the course of a thousand engagements into efficient, high value-added disciplines applicable to most industries ~ Sales Strategy; Best Practice Reviews; Profit Center Accounting; and, Forensic Accounting.

Each of the following eleven general practices is headed by a Teton Sands Practice Partner ~ Intellectual Property; Technology Transfer; Packaged Goods; Branding; eMarketing; Entrepreneurship; Start-up/Seed-Stage; Public Policy; Due Process; Energy; and, Internet TV.

A new Teton practice area, self organizing “mesh-works,” is based upon integrating three disciplines ~ complex adaptive systems, linguistics, and cognitive science. Treating chaos as an amplifier of quantum indeterminacy is an important aspect of the science. Initial applications range from communications and information processing, to bio-medical, to refining large legacy style  business models. Early results indicate several Teton practice areas will be profoundly affected by the emerging discipline.