Text Email USA, a new emerging leader in Personalized Priority Messaging (PPM) through all media devices, today announced its new US small business Email and SMS messaging package to enable US companies to easily and affordably interact with and help customers via email and simple text messages.  The new package introduces an attractive new email and mobile messaging medium to millions of small businesses that need to better reach, retain, and engage with customers in cost-effective ways.  

Text Email USA new marketing solution addresses a critical need for businesses of all sizes to differentiate themselves by developing customer relationships through being more helpful.  Key small business applications for PPM are demand creation, customer engagement, service delivery, transactional messaging, and risk mitigation.  

“Mobile phones and text messages represent an unmatched way for just-in-time communications and two-way interactions that provide highly valued alerts, notifications, updates, answers, verifications, confirmations, and perishable offers that meet the needs of today’s consumers,” said Alvin Merrifield, founder of Text Email USA.  “SMS messages are capable of being embedded in virtually every customer-critical business process to automate helpful processes and more meaningful engagement, and we are making it easy for small businesses to get on board.”