The Aesthetic Domain Boutique was originally founded in 2002. We are solely-owned, but family-operated in Houston, Texas. The Boutique started as a home-based jewelry business that traveled the Festival and Bazaar circuit.  Our main product-base was hand-made beaded jewelry. After a life-dictated hiatus The Aesthetic Domain was reborn in 2012 and is better than ever. We have branched out to include chic fashions such as summer dresses, scarves, belts, fashion jewelry and other accessories.  

Most recently, The Aesthetic Domain has added a new dimension to the boutique and website…a WebLog or Blog. The Aesthetic Domain Boutique & Blog allows us to be more connected to our customers and to impart all the interesting tidbits of retail life and real life in a more interactive and instantaneous format.  Customers and/or subscribers can visit the Boutique & Blog site to find out about the latest sales & promotions, news & events, new merchandise/store policies…To comment on our monthly slice of life articles… To read about our struggles and triumphs in the retail world …And to follow the evolution of The Aesthetic Domain from start-up business to established success.