The Art Farm is dedicated to providing opportunities to creative individuals. We know how hard it is to find space, time and inspiration for creative endevours in the real world and have created a place where anything is possible.

The Art Farmers network is world wide, a collaboration of creative souls working together to bring wild ideas into reality and dreams come true.They are introduced to the Art Farm way of life at our physical location in the South of France, an escape from the world where creativity thrives and magic happens.

Where it all began
The Art Farm is a living project set in the hills of the Ardeche region of the South of France. Created  by Johnny Grant, a sax player, comedian and performer. After 15 years travelling around every major US city and throughout Canada he was requested to give assistance from musicians and artists interested in visiting Europe. Being born in the UK and finally setting down roots in France he begun his life long passion of the Art Farm project. For the last 4 years people have visited from around the globe. Neither a permaculture site or a fully restored retreat center it has a style all of its own.  Kind of like Johnny Grant. The rooms and projects  change each week. Each area is being lovingly restored to house workshops and visiting artists. Some come simply to visit the project and others come with an interest to stay awhile.  What ever has lead you to these pages please drop us an email and see how the Art Farm can be a part of your dreams. As Robert Davi said “Johnny Grant is like something out of a Fellini movie” So is the Art Farm. With more music, more art and more life than anywhere else in this region of France please be ready for the crazy world of the Art Farm.