Company Profile
The BlueBox prides itself on building robust and sophisticated web based ERP systems. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be defined as helping integrate management, staff, and equipment, combining all aspects of the business into one system in order to facilitate every element of the manufacturing process. ERP groups traditional company and management functions (such as accounting, inventory, purchasing and sales management, manufacturing management, and customer relationship management [CRM]) into a coherent whole. We also build specific vertical solutions such as Loyalty, POS, Reservations and Content Management modules. As our solutions are all web based, it is logical that we have a division handling website development
With a committed team made up of passionate individuals who are focused on creating software that delights our customers, the BlueBox builds web-based software that will help your business be the best it can be. We take care to ensure that we retain the mantra of simplicity, brilliance and effectiveness at the core of all we do.
Our model is designed specifically with your needs as a business manager to obtain the best possible solution at the most reasonable price, and at the same time ensure that you haven't committed yourself to a solution that restricts you in terms of future development or traps you in a commitment you can't terminate. By offering 90% of our code as open source, developing on open-source platforms and pricing our product per server/site and not per user and a month by month relationship we provide you with all the peace of mind you need. With our comprehensive range of modules we are ready to provide your business with the software it needs and the system it deserves.
Company History
The BlueBox was started in 1997 by Paul De Villiers, the current MD. Originating as a web development business in the early days of the internet revolution, The BlueBox was quick to identify the opportunities arising from the business world's growing need for instant availability and accessibility to meaningful and consolidated business information. The result was a business which rapidly graduated from providing functional intranets to providing full blown ERP and Business Intelligence solutions. The BlueBox's aim was to develop products which would provide the majority of businesses with the same level of sophisticated business system tools that bigger businesses had been benefiting from for years, and at the same time, provide system developers with a platform on which to build and refine web based systems. This vision was fully realised in the launch of BlueBox 2.0.
12 years strong!
The BlueBox is an ERP Software Development company which has been providing web-based business solutions to the market for over 12 years. Our systems provide 100% required functionality to run businesses, "out the box" but is also fully configurable to meet your specific needs. Where customers have more unique requirements BlueBox also offers bespoke programming solutions.
Sales: Quotes, Sales Orders, Statements
Point of Sale: Capture key transaction data
Procurement: Purchase Orders, Receiving
Inventory: Stock, Replenishment, Transfers
Accounting: Cashbooks, General Ledger
Manufacturing: Bills Of Material, Backflush
Reporting: Widgets, Graphs, SOAP, SQL
Human Resources: Leave, Attendance, Payroll
Publishing: Document Management,Templates
Communication: Text Message, SMS, Email, Fax
Multi-Level Marketing
Logistics and Supply Chain
Loyalty Club
Retail: Buy, Stock, Sell
Retail: Fast-Food
Retail: FMCG
Service-Based Business
Key features of our business software are:
100% broswer-based, which means no desktop software required.
Runs as either a web-service or an installed intranet application.
No per-user pricing, you only pay per server and per site (office).
Runs on Linux or Windows, both at server and desktop level.
Uses open-source technologies to reduce costs and enhance access and transparency.
Full unlimited demos are available online for evaluation.
Multi-currency, multi-business.
Why choose BlueBox2.0 as your business platform?
Full Free Evaluation
We offer a no obligation full free evaluation of our software. With the economy the way it is you should be testing everything before you buy it. Try it here.
It doesn't matter what operating system you use, we support them all, all you need installed on your computer is a browser, can it be simpler than that?
No Per-User licensing
What makes us unique in this market is that we cater specifically for SMME's by offering 90% of our code as open source, developing on open-source platforms and pricing our product per server/site and not per user.
Install Yourself BlueBox2.0
If you are more technically oriented, download and install BlueBox2.0 on your own web server. You can do that here at bluebox.co.za